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B2B Branding 101: Be Visual

Adding relevant imagery to your messages increases comprehension

Whether you’re creating a B2B print ad, webpage, or Powerpoint sales presentation, your goal should be to clearly, effectively, and memorably communicate your message to your audience. Simply “covering the topic” is not sufficient.

Imagine yourself as a teacher rather than  a salesman or marketer, and ask yourself, “If I gave a quiz to this person (or group) at the end of my presentation, how well would he remember my key points?”. Looking at it this way, you’ll want to maximize the memorability of your story, and the single most effective way to do this is to add relevant imagery.

Here’s the science: from among all of our five primary senses, roughly 80% of the information we process is acquired visually–the more visual our communications, the more information our audience will absorb, and as demonstrated in the image above, words accompanied by an image are more memorable than words alone.

Be bold and prosper.

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