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B2B Branding Hall of Fame: Big Ass Fans

Big Ass Fans Is In It to Win It

This, dear readers, is how it is done. At QV we love nothing more than going into dull,  commoditized B2B categories and shaking things up by creating one-of-a-kind presences for our clients that create space between them and their competitors. We don’t do it just because we enjoy being rebellious (though we do) we do it because it produces the best and most consistent results for our clients. We believe in the power of bold B2B branding. Every once in a while I come across work from other companies that possesses that same ethos–work that’s so outstanding it makes me say, “Damn, I wish we’d done that!

Big Ass Fans is one of those brands, and I turn myself in the general direction of Lexington, KY and bow.

12 years ago they were known as HVLS Fan Co. (short for “high volume, low speed.”) and were most likely an also-ran in a the highly commoditized industrial fan sector. Then one day, a bright light went on. Rather than regurgitate their story here, I’ll let you hear it straight from them. Here’s an article in AdAge with their CMO, Al Barlow.

I love it when I come across kindred spirits.

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