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Global Popularity of Social Networks

We’ve had lots of interesting conversations following our recent post From Idiot to Genius: My First 7 Days on Twitter This data visualization from Le Monde (click to enlarge the graphic) is further evidence of the growing opportunities social media is offering brands on a global scale.Note Twitter has yet to achieve a scale that merits inclusion, but we believe they’ll will continue to rise in prominence given their remarkable growth over the last 12 months. This article, “Social Networks, from the 80s to the 00s”provides an excellent overview of the evolution of the space. While this digest from Jeremiah Owyang, Sr. Analyst at Forrester, is a compendium of relevant “web usage” statistics and articles.

Casual observation tells me adoption rates of social media are high among early adopters, and while we’ve got a ways to go before a broader population tipping point is reached, that point is in sight, and we’d all do well to prepare ourselves for the summit.

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