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Good Humor's Wu Tang Jingle is Brand Magic

Most of us grew up listening to the same song ringing through our neighborhoods

as the ice cream truck drove down our streets. "Turkey in the Straw" was part of the soundtrack of our childhood summers.

But its apparent innocence was in stark contrast to more sinister roots. Since it was written in the 19th century, it has had several versions of lyrics—several of the 20th century ones being

explicitly racist (we won't include them here, but a quick Google will reveal them for you). The thought of this song being played in neighborhoods of all ethnicities across the country, and the negative brand associations it spawned was too much to bear for Good Humor, whose ice cream products are often sold from many ice cream trucks. So, they commissioned RZA, the de facto leader of the legendary hip hop group, Wu Tang Clan, to write a new song ice cream vendors could download, for free, to replace "Turkey in the Straw". Take a listen to it in the video above. To our ears, the new jingle is a home run. It's a nice piece of music whose synthesized melody over a trap beat is simple, memorable, and contemporary. Its vibe is on point, and sacrifices none of the charm the original music held in our emotional memories. And finally, it solves

a problem of perception for Good Humor's brand with a positive, creative solution that is likely to grow revenue as a result. Excellent work by all involved. Now, please excuse me. I hear a Good Humor ice cream sammich calling my name. Be Unforgettable, Rick Julian QV

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