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In B2B Branding, Beauty is the Killer App

We eat with our eyes first

If you were hungry (needed to purchase a B2B product or service)

. . . had $2 (or $2,000,000)

and, I presented these two brands two you:

On the left, Brand A, a most delicious, and nutritious orange (or SAAS solution. . . .)

On the right, Brand B, an equally qualified product . . .

Which one would you reach for first?

What if the price for Brand B was %10 higher? Would you still grab it and inspect it first?

If you said yes, welcome to the human race. We’re genetically programmed to reach for things that are more visually appealing as they indicate healthiness, quality, and a whole host of other attributes.

Your B2B brand is no different. Looking good isn’t just a successful branding strategy for the B2C world–people are people wherever they go.

Nothing is more memorable than truth beautifully told. Invest in quality design of your brand and all your brand communications materials, and witness the reaction your audience has to them. Great looking corporate design is one of the most effective brand differentiators you can possess. And relative to its ROI, one of the most cost effective too.

Be bold and prosper.

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