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Red Bull: The Audacity of Bold Branding

Red Bull’s been doing it “right” for quite a while now, thank you very much. Their ability to deliver their brand  through well-curated sports and performance sponsorships is unparalleled–from Formula One to cliff diving tournaments and now the Stratos jump, they’ve been delightfully on point with their “Gives You Wings” tagline. But with Felix Baumgartner’s successful record setting freefall, they officially became the most audacious brand in history, save, maybe, what Moses did for his tribe’s brand with the Red Seas parting.

Really, can you recall a single one-time branded event that so captured the world’s attention with such an alluring blend of conceptual daring and danger? A 24-mile high jump, that reached speeds that broke the sound barrier, and had many “experts” saying his body would be torn asunder when he went supersonic?

I’ve probably drunk three Red Bulls in the past ten years, but after this stunt, I’m ready to scoot down to the Hop ‘n Shop, grab a six-pack of Red Bull and stay up until dawn.

OK, I won’t, but that was an impressive jump, no?

Social and mainstream media exploded with the news of his accomplishment, and generated tens of millions of unpaid impressions, and at this point, all I’m left to do is marvel at the genius of its boldness, applaud the courage of everyone involved–especially Felix Baumgartner, and to be reminded that the greatness of brands and people is only limited  by our imagination.

What event could you dream up that would personify your brand’s value proposition in an inspiring and memorable fashion?

Be bold and prosper.

–Rick Juian

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