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The Brandscape: A Competition for Awareness

Consumers face a constant assault of brand messages.

This photograph, snapped during my morning coffee shop run, captures the essence of our largest brand marketing challenge–regardless of the product, service, or industry: developing brand awareness and preference.

Taken individually, each of these brands likely felt, when staring at their message in isolation, that it was unique and attention grabbing. But our brand messages don’t live in isolation–they exist in a hypercluttered tangle that assaults our audiences nearly everywhere they turn.

What must one do to break through and connect with them?

While we place an enormous amount of value in helping our clients develop a clear vision of who they are and the value proposition they represent in the marketplace,  those insights, that awareness will all be for naught if their messages don’t attract people’s attention in a memorable fashion. There is a direct and proportional relationship between memory (top of mind awareness) and revenue.

Be memorable and prosper.

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