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We Find What We Seek

Funny thing about humans: we tend to find what we're looking for.

Start looking for hearts, and all of a sudden you'll discover a profusion of them in every direction you turn.

Ditto everything else we look for in the world: Seek acts of kindness, and you will find them Seek symmetry, and it will surround you Seek injustice, and it will lurk on every corner Believe people are always mocking you, and you'll find a mock hiding behind every bush.

It's just the way the human mind works: the world contains more sensory stimulation than it can handle, so it narrows its aperture—like a hole in a construction site fence, and that constrained focus becomes all we see.

Just something to keep in mind whenever you hear yourself, someone else, or a group of people saying: "_______ always happens to me/us" "_________ is/are always doing _________"

When our antennae are dialed to a specific frequency, its signal will always come in loud and clear in the form of perceptions and experiences.

Just don't forget there are tons of other (often better) stations available too.

Rick Julian

Chief Creative Officer QV

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