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What is "Branding"?

Brands once marked livestock, now they’re seared into our consciousness

This morning, a technologist friend asked me a very good question: “What is branding, anyway?” I don’t think about its definition often, but this was a good opportunity to review my current thoughts.

Here’s my email to him. (p.s. he’s a BMW motorcycle aficionado)

Hey Len, A “brand” has been described as what people say, variously:  about you/your company/your product/your service once you leave the room. “Branding”  is the essential emotional and sensory memory we cultivate in our clients’ audiences via the brand strategy,  creative assets (names, logos, websites, films, etc.)  and experiences we develop for them. A “brand”  is also influenced by a consumer’s interactions with the actual product or service. For example, you’ve been influenced not only by BMW’s brand communications, but also by your physical interaction with their motorcycles: their design, the experience of riding them, the sound of the engine,  the feel of the leather . . . Further, the customer service interactions you’ve had with company representatives, your beliefs about how others perceive you because you own a BMW, as well as your experience of the community of BMW aficionados also define the brand. Brands are an amalgam of all of these things. What we do as a branding agency is partner with our clients to sculpt consumers’ brand perceptions. Thanks for asking–you just helped me write a blog post! Best, Rick

So, what are your thoughts?

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