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Where Are You Going?

” . . . Had a talk with my old man Said help me understand He said turn 68 You’ll renegotiate Don’t stop this train Don’t for a minute change the place you’re in Don’t think I couldn’t ever understand I tried my hand John, honestly We’ll never stop this train . . .”

– John Mayer, “Stop This Train”/Continuum

In business, in life, is there are bigger question? Where are you going? Physically, spiritually, mentally, financially: what is your aim? The answers to these questions ultimately define our destinations. As the first post in this blog, I’ll share a bit of my what’s on my horizon, and invite you to share what’s on yours. Subject to change, and in no particular order, here are my Top 7 Destinations:

  1. I aim to wring my self completely out, burn all my wood, to drink deeply and fully every drop of this nectar called life by giving my very best to the world.

  2. I aim to balance the hours I spend nurturing our time-hungry agency QUO VADIS (QV) with the hours my love-hungry family needs.

  3. I aim to create a powerful and profitable experience for my QV team members and client/partners–one that feeds their wallets and souls.

  4. I aim to practice the art of brand communications at the highest level, in a way that respects the humanity and intelligence of our audiences.

  5. I aim to earn enough money, but no more than I need, to live the most meaningful and fulfilling life I can imagine for myself and my family.

  6. I aim to grow my awareness of the interconnectedness of every atom of our existence, and the knowledge that what I do for others, I do for myself.

  7. I aim to say “I” less, and “We” more.

Your thoughts?

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