Is your brand climbing, or just hanging on?

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Is your brand climbing,

or just hanging on?

Investment Grade Assets

Branding is an investment in your business' success. For marketing budgets over $50,000, QV offers all the essential services you need to lead your industry:



Brand Assessment

Think of it as your brand getting a physical—without the janky robe or cold stethoscope. Brand assessments allow us to set a baseline for your brand's health and performance, and understand your place in your industry's brandscape.


Brand Discovery


Who are you? Where have you been? Where are you going? Why should anyone care? Who are your competitors? How do they walk and talk? Brand discovery is about mining for gold—digging for those shiny nuggets of truth and insight we can leverage to build a brand that makes your audience lean forward, and your competitors weep. 


Brand Strategy


QV's definition of brand strategy is the branding blueprint for achieving your long-term business goals. We’ll design your brand architecture, starting with the cornerstones of a strong and durable foundation: defining who your audiences are, what we want them to understand, the actions we want them to take, and the creative assets and technologies required to accomplish your objectives in measurable and sustainable ways.




During the lifetime of your company, your brand name will be the most frequently repeated word associated with your business, and deserves a level of thoughtful consideration equal to its importance. We combine art and science to develop names that inspire, intrigue, describe, and endure in the public imagination, and have deep experience in naming companies, services, products, and events. 




Your logo is your company’s visual signature. The best ones communicate some essential aspect of your brand in a way that etches itself into people's’ memory. At a glance, a great logo triggers thoughts and emotions that people want to be associated with, whether it appears on their favorite shirt, their favorite website, or even, their favorite ship . 




Design is everything. From the layout of this page, to the forms of the letters you’re reading. Across all of human experience, nothing grabs and holds humans' attention like beautiful design does, and QV liberally applies it to everything we create: from business cards to convention booths, websites to banner adds . . . mobile apps to retail store interiors and exteriors.


Media Analysis

Defend The Spend:  Our seasoned media planning and buying specialists will analyze  your current and proposed media plan to determine if your media plan strategy and tactics are aligned with your brand messaging. We will evaluate your media campaign to ensure it is optimized to meet your target ROI and KPIs.


Brand Videos


Imagine your very best salesman giving his very best 3-minute pitch in every single meeting, every single day. That’s what a great brand film does by combining words, sound, and imagery in ways that inform and entertain, and ultimately lead to sales. QV clients’ brand videos have been watched nearly 5,000,000 times around the world, and have told some of 21st Century’s best business stories.


Social Media


Social Media is the new television, and now commands the lion's share of attention among the most desirable consumer demographics. Simply put, if your brand isn’t active on social media, you’re missing one of the most targeted, cost effective, and impactful ways to reach your audience—whether you are B2C or B2B.  QV offers social media strategy, creative development, and management services.




Websites are ground zero for your brand—the single most important destination in your branding portfolio. 20 years ago, just having one was a requirement. Today, having a site deploying the  most current technologies, possessing your most current information, and readily available to mobile devices is where the bar has been raised. QV offers a complete turnkey solution for your next website, from design to development.