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Branding SEO: The 15 Minute Genius

Let’s get a quick win on branding SEO, that could leave you looking like a genius in 15 minutes or less.

Our branding agency’s practice has always centered on creating bold, dynamic, attention commanding brands that grow our client’s revenue. There’s lots of sales power to be gained by practicing the distinctiveness principles we apply.

But guess what, if your audience can’t find you online–if your name and services aren’t landing on the first page of Google’s search results, you’re not fully exploiting your brand’s potential. If you’ve got the greatest brand in the world, but no one knows about you, you’re Lady Gaga singing into a hairbrush in the Waffle House bathroom.

Here’s one, simple, brain dead SEO tip that could possibly vault your name to page one of Google’s search listing. Before I share it, let me give you two very important facts.

1. Nearly 60% of consumers begin their research on a product or service with a search engine query.

2. As of May 11, 2011 Google owns 65% of search engine market share

Armed with these two facts, here’s the quick tip that resulted in our website vaulting from the depths of page ten obscurity to occupying (depending on your browser) a few positions on Google’s first page of search results. It took me all 0f 15 minutes to take this simple step, and it was absolutely free. And it works for your name as an individual and, separately, as a business.

Drum roll: complete your Google Profile

Please come back and report your results in a couple of days.

Yes, friends, every once and a while the cosmos tosses you a bone. I encourage you to do this immediately–after all, the Rapture is tomorrow.

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