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Mining Meaning: When Branding is Bigger than Business.

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I just got off an interesting call with a friend who asked me what my most memorable projects were and to immediately came to mind both for very different reasons. The first is work. We did for handsome brick and it was the first time that this light went off in me that that this work of strategy of being highly differentiated.

Being applying this dis level of Distinction on the visual layer of the work that we do gave me enormous confidence that it was the Silver Bullet for My Career and it was a breakthrough in My Philosophy. It was a breakthrough in the quality and quantity of results and outcomes that we were

Able to produce for the client and it was really fun to it gave us and me license to have fun and to be different and to know that it was not difference just for the sake of difference. It was different for the sake of success.

And so that was

that was a springboard into lots of other very fun Artful projects that that have occurred since and have been really the backbone of my back Brandon practice. So that's the first one and the second one was very meaningful on a completely different level, but for a an equally powerful take away and that is many years ago. I used to have a music production company and a friend and

I wrote a song called. What's your excuse for the for the Paralympics, which is the Olympics for handicapped athletes. It's a global global event and we wrote a song called. What's your excuse and we're fortunate enough to get a Aretha Franklin to sing it. So found myself and Motown producing Aretha Franklin singing to her how I thought this thing Should Be Sung and hearing her sing it back and hearing her.

Bring, you know the lyrics to life and all that very exciting stuff. And that would have been enough right but no the most powerful thing was that a friend of mine is a is a psychologist and he told me

That and this was probably six months after the radio campaign where the song was featured had run. He told me that he was in session with one of his patients and the patient had been struggling with changing something that he really wanted to and he kept on making excuses for why he couldn't do it and my friend said at a certain moment. He the patient hurt himself making yet another excuse and he said you know what?

This reminds me of that song. I heard on the radio. What's your excuse where these handicapped people this? These blind athletes are doing a hundred meter dash has that there are people who only have one leg who were competing at an extremely high level in swimming events, etc. Etc. And he said it it makes me

It makes me want to kick myself to hear myself talking like this making these kinds of excuses when I know that their challenges were far greater than mine. So.

The light that went on for me.

And that job was that we are here to do more or we have the potential to do more than just transact business with this work. There's more to this than just creating Impressions and communicating our messages and that there is the real tangible opportunity to affect people at the level of their Humanity.

To affect people at the level of their Humanity to feed them something.

That had they not seen our work. They might not otherwise have gotten and certainly I have no corner on that. I think there have been a number of campaigns that in my experience have done that. I think just do it became a rallying cry for for millions and millions of people around the world to go out and take charge of their ambition and their health and in a number of other things.

But it it was it was resonant with me and I've never forgotten it and every time we go into a project, although I'm sad to report that I don't always get that kind of outcome.

I try to remind myself that that opportunity exists every time I stare at a blank piece of paper and it needs to be filled up with an idea that the potential to

give someone at the receiving end of our message something that will Enlighten benefit Inspire heel something positive beyond just buy this product.

that is always present that opportunity is always present so

Makes me want to do it more. So I thank my friend for asking me the question reminds me of some things that have been cornerstones and doing what I do and why I do it. So that's it for today. I'm rich Julian T creative officer with quo vadis be bold and prosper.

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