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Battle of the Brands

I read this article last night and was (sadly, in this case)  reminded about how passionate people are about their brand affinities.

“The Calhoun Times and Rome News-Tribune report that several people were driving off-road vehicles in a field when an argument escalated into a fist fight around 1 a.m. Saturday . . .Sheriff’s detectives said witnesses told them the assault stemmed from a disagreement over the superiority of Ford vehicles versus Chevrolet vehicles.”

Humans are very tribal and desire to be associated with others of a like mind and values. In this case, a battle between members of the Ford and Chevrolet tribe erupted. It wasn’t the first time, nor will it be the last. I’ve witnessed and even participated in verbal battles over the differences (and superiority?) of Macs vs. PCs. You probably have too in some form or fashion, be it computers, make-up, hotels, or scotch . . .

Here’s the point: though you don’t want to inspire people to come to blows over your brand, you need to know that when marketing your products and services that people truly, deeply want to identify with their brand choices on a deeper level than you may presently believe is possible.

What would it take to inspire passionate feelings about your brand? You must exhibit passionate enthusiasm in communicating your brand’s virtues.

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